We can provide a whole school Drama program incorporating story drama, play-building, scriptwriting, process Drama, puppetry and Dance.

red puppet

Puppetry Yr 4-8

 Based on the ancient Japanese art of Bunraku, these puppets made simply from newspaper and masking tape (no papier mache), are easy to make and easy to use.
In these workshops students will make a large puppet of a chosen character and explore some ways to manipulate the puppet, culminating in a simple performance. 
Rei Bennett Photography - Heads Up Action Shots 2014 (14)

Drama in the classroom

Issues such as prejudice, bullying, team building and self-esteem can be explored through non-threatening drama activities that bring people together to solve problems and raise issues.  By using Drama the group is propelled into another place where challenges are less confronting and deep understanding can take place. We will customize the drama to suit your needs.


Teacher Professional Development

How to use process drama effectively in your classroom.  Tailored to your year level and curriculum needs.

You will: experience a process drama; learn how to structure a drama lesson; receive examples of drama lessons that integrate curriculum areas; begin to plan your own process drama using your own curriculum plans.
We will also run a whole staff workshop on the benefits and features of an excellent drama lesson.
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Heads Up

In September 2013, funded by the Ministry of Youth Development, Heads Up was a Theatre devising project with a group of teenage girls on bullying, it’s effects and what to do. The project was supported by the Napier Family Centre and co-ordinated by the Napier City Council. The girls performed to other girls in schools across Napier and the culminating performance to Whanau, friends and Council was presented at The Century Theatre in December 2013. A short film was made during the process.

In 2014, funded by the Ministry of Social Development, Heads Up took a group of Intermediate aged children across seven schools in Hawkes Bay to work on an Applied Theatre project addressing the problem of Bullying. Te Punanga Haumaru – loosely translated as ‘A Safe Haven’ was our Kaupapa. The children, youth workers, social worker, musician, choreographer and drama educators spent 10 weeks in both school time and on weekends working hard on processing, shaping and delivering a strong performance. The 2014 Heads Up tour  concluded with the  documentary preview on Friday 21 August, 2015.

Winz and Losses 2012

In May 2012, The Drama Workshop facilitated a project with a group of long term unemployed youth in partnership with WINZ and an employment agency. The project took the young people through a process of devising a piece of theatre that gave voice to their stories and experiences. The culminating performance was presented to Whanau and friends and guests from Hastings District Council and Work and Income, New Zealand. A longitudinal case study to follow up on the young people 12 months later then again 26 months later, formed the research for the completion of a Masters in Applied Theatre (Hons) by Juliet Cottrell.